A Connected Building or Connected Buildings is a term that describes group of buildings whose core systems are centrally linked and managed over an open, converged, and data-driven Internet Protocol (IP) network.

To understand this concept fully, one must first consider the design of a single building in the group. Each location is designed and built such that its core systems are all interconnected.

SmartCore represents a new class of Master Systems Integrator: part business advisor, part low voltage systems expert, and part IT integrator. SmartCore bridges the gap between key stakeholders including owners, occupants, facilities, operations, IT, and contractors.

Reduced operating costs: All aspects of a network are managed from a single interface decreasing the amount of time spent on individual management duties, moves, adds, and changes, freeing up more time for productivity.

Property differentiation: The innovative business owner will have ubiquitous access to business and employee information easily and have their business’ public image enhanced with a high-impact, high-tech workspace.

Occupant experience: SmartCore innovations allow employees to work in the most advanced environment available. This increases employee satisfaction and will achieve higher productivity and predicable facility costs.

Green initiatives: The many opportunities to manage energy costs and control the environment with these solutions are socially responsible and provide possible Carbon-Offset Credits or elements of building LEED certification.

Lower construction costs: By utilizing the most cost effective single wiring infrastructure and consolidating traditional labor efforts, SmartCore provides building owners, developers and general contractors a substantial cost and time savings.

SmartCore designs, implements and supports Connected Building solutions for businesses, property managers and commercial real estate developers. Our unique approach to integrating Connected Buildings is called SmartSuite, a five-tiered system that encompasses a building's environmental automation, physical security and surveillance, voice and data, virtual collaboration, and digital media.
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